Blue Cape Sessions


Recording studio on a lobster boat

The brainchild of Nova Scotia musician, Jamie Alcorn and filmmaker, Nance Ackerman,  the Blue Cape Sessions came out of a desire to make and record music on the ocean.  Their studio, Heartstring Productions is only steps from the sea, so inviting musicians from all walks of life to collaborate using the ocean as inspiration, seemed natural.    The sessions will start with recording music on a lobster boat - and from there, the multi media opportunities are endless! Viewers will have the chance to move through the video to bring them different aspects of the experience: they will have their own audio mixer to control what and how they hear the session and they can manipulate the screen to watch who they want to watch, effectively directing and mixing their own session. 
Working with cutting edge interactive web designer, Nicolas Roy at Departement, we will develop this concept to include a truly interactive experience so that the audience can join us on the session! With videos, downloads, live streams, maps and cultural information about the ports we visit, the Blue Cape Sessions will provide the music enthusiast a place to hangout and get to know the musical talent that lives in every corner of this province! In each session, we will have a musician, or band, come with us to find a local collaborator, someone to take them out of their comfort zone. In our demo - we chose country pedal steel for an Indie rock band. Next time it could be a rapper making music with a string quartet!   

And thanks to our sponsors, who provided us with Eco-golf balls, there's always something to do in between takes. 






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